Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System

Synergy Global Solutions is your single source provider for all your Fire Protection system needs. From basic design, installation and service to complex specialized systems, we have experienced professional and resources to design a working Fire Protection System for both new and existing buildings.

Our Fire Protection System solutions comprise of below subsystems

  • Occupants Training.
  • Fire Audit and Risk Assessment.
  • Fire Load and Ignition Potential.
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Warning System.
  • Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Smoke and Ventilation Management System.

Fire Protection Training Program

We provide training program for Fire Protection, Prevention and Fighting, our specially designed training program on Fire enable the occupants to be prepared and alert in Fire Situation. We train Occupants by conducting Fire Drills, Safe Work Practices, Operation of Fire-Fighting Equipments, and Fire Evacuation.

Fire Audit and Risk Assessment

Our Auditors are certified and compliant to conduct systematic evaluation at your premises and identify potential Fire Risk and Hazards, Fire Fighting Systems, proper escape route involving personals, premises services and operations and provide due recommendations to prevent and control Fire incidents.

Fire Load and Ignition Potential 

Fire protection system is centric on Fire Load calculation, Fire Loading of a building is a way of establishing the       potential severity in case of any fire in KJ/m2. It is calculated from calorific value of material present in the building and area. We are precise in carrying out the Fire Load calculation and ignition potential of the premises to design and select the suitable Fire Protection System and evacuation plan.

Fire Fighting Systems 

Fire Fighting system is involved in extinguishing the Fire by either electronic operated, trained occupants, or by Fire Fighting Team by means of Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Alarm and Sprinkler, Water Spray System, Foam Based, or Inert Gas. Synergy Global Solutions studies your workplace and design your premises with ideal Fire Fighting system for you to be ready and safe in case of any Fire.

Fire Detection and Alarm Warning System

We provide services to install, commission and AMC for the Fire Detection and Alarm system. Fire alarm and Detection system monitors and alerts the occupants and Fire Fighting Personals to move into action on fire or smoke Detection, on timely detection Occupants may be able to extinguish the small Fire and get time to evacuate from building.

Fire Hydrant System

We offer Turnkey solutions for Fire Hydrant System. Fire Hydrant system consists of water reservoir, piping rings, hydrant valves, Hoses and Pipes with nozzles,Hydrant pump set to provide water at a high pressure to each hydrant  outlet to suppress fire even at Heights, as Hydrants have a long range and high-water  can attack fire from different angles. Fire Hydrant Systems requires low maintenance and have long life. The system can be made to operate in auto mode also.

Fire Sprinkler System

We help you install, commission and provide AMC for Automatic sprinkler systems which are one of the most reliable methods available for controlling fire. When the fire heats up the sprinkler head, it opens at a pre-set temperature, thus allowing pressurized water to be sprayed both down onto the fire and up to cool the hot smoky layer. This spray also wets combustible material near the fire, making it difficult to ignite, thereby slowing down or preventing fire spread and growth. Sprinkler systems are usually installed in high or large buildings and high fire hazard occupancies.

Water Spray System

Water spray system can be provided as exposure protection. That means if any plant is under fire the plants nearby shall be kept cool with the water spray system, while plant under fire shall be applied foam. Medium Velocity water spray system is best suitable for exposure protection of Oil tanks, process plants, Conveyors, Cable Gallery, and Transformer protection.

Foam System

We recommend of installing Foam System where hydrocarbons are used and stored. In case of fire on Hydrocarbon if the water is sprayed, due to the light weight of the hydrocarbon it will float on the water and reignite them to fire and due to the speed of water the fire will travel from one place to another place. Foam Concentrate makes fine foams with excellent stability and thermal resistance, and freely flows and develops on liquid surface such as petroleum to promptly extinguish a fire. It also sticks firm to a solid surface, level or vertical, to prevent the fire from spreading.

Gas Suppression System

The “Inert Gas” used in gas suppression systems, is nonconductive, colorless, odorless and flavorless, non-corrosive and may be used at normal temperature. Gas Suppression system is appropriate for the protection of all the electric and electronic materials. The design of the system protects against accidental actuation due to any small leak. All gaseous components are stored in high-pressure cylinders in the form of compressed gas, and designed as per capacity and use. In case of fire Inert gas is released reducing oxygen in the room and extinguishing Fire without harming occupants.

Smoke Management and Ventilation System

Most fire deaths are caused by inhalation of smoke, not by direct contact with flame or exposure to heat. Smoke management systems are incorporated to keep escape routes free of smoke, heat and toxic gases long enough to allow the safe evacuation of the building occupants. Smoke control is generally achieved using ventilation, roof vents, smoke exhaust fans, air handling systems, sprinkler systems and air pressurization systems.

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