Safety Visual management

Safety Visual Management

Safety Banners and Posters inspire a safe working environment and successfully communicate safety in the workplace, in a big way. Communicating with eye-catching slogans, graphics, safe practices, and procedures on large banners have effective impact on working personals. In a warehouse, factory, or other industrial setting, organization is paramount to productivity and strong safety practices. Signages help create a safe, designated place for these instruments and help keep them out of the way and less likely to cause injuries and spread awareness messages.

Safety Animations and Safety Video are now widely being used in Induction and awareness programs as the effects of communicating with animations and videos are found more effective. Animations allows you to create a video that shows hazards, hidden dangers, and illustrations that would be too dangerous to film or watch in real life.

At Synergy Global Solutions we aim to provide customers with complete solutions for Safety communication and we create and design Safety Posters, Banner, Signages, Videos and Animation as per Customer profile and industry profile. Our creativity can also be customized with specific animations covering your chosen subject and showing characters wearing your company PPE, i.e. specifically colored coveralls and hardhat featuring company logos. For this process, our technical department can assist with storyline and scripting. Storyboards and example images are provided before final production and company specific training materials can be produced to accompany the animation.

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