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Partner In Safety

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment is a major consideration for every successful business – the welfare and safety of your staff must be of paramount importance because, as the adage states, people are your most important asset.

You will undoubtedly already have health and safety policies and procedures in place. But can you be sure that you are adhering to best practice? Are you complying with local, national and even international regulations? And if you think you are, can you prove it?

At Synergy Global Solutions, we have solutions and answers. We can advise and train on a comprehensive range of Quality, Health, Safety, Energy and Environment issues. As the world’s leading inspection, certification, testing and verification company, we are fully familiar with local legislation – and international standards. We can help you with occupational or industrial hygiene, your working environment regarding air quality, dust, noise and vibration, technical due diligence and hazardous substances. And we are experts at environmental audits & economic & social sustainability.

Be our Safety Partner:

An effective workplace safety and health management system at your worksite(s) will enable you to
• Recognize and remove hazards from your worksite.
• Protect your workers from injury and illness.
• Prevent loss of life at your worksite.
• Cultivate informed and alert employees who take responsibility for their own and their coworkers’ safety
• Improve employee morale.
• Increase productivity rates and assure product quality improving bottom-line.
• Comply with Legal and state safety and health requirements.
• Reducing lost workdays, and – Limiting equipment damage and product losses.
• Enhanced Brand Value and Customer Belief

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